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‘Your daughter has a beautiful smile!’ We hear that every day. Ever since our initial consultation, Drs. Edward Gold and Hadley Rubino and their amazing staff have been helpful, extremely supportive and never too busy to answer any of my questions regarding my daughter’s treatment. The warm and welcoming atmosphere in their office helped assuage any trepidation my daughter had about going there, an added bonus for for harried parents. In addition, there was practically no wait time for any of our appointments. Highly recommended.

Rosanne G.

As an adult patient who just had her braces removed, I have the highest regard for the doctors and staff of Montclair Orthodontics. They work closely and well together, almost reading each others’ minds at times. The special circumstances of my braces involved two other doctors. My specialists were always kept up to date, and all treatments coordinated. Come for the technical proficiency, and results. Stay for the lovely surroundings, friendly staff, and the stress free environment.

Bernadette C.

For the past 20 years Dr. Gold and Dr. Rubino have provided my family with excellent dental care. I recently had my teeth aligned using The Invisalign system. I found the Invisalign to be very easy to wear and maintain. Throughout the 3 years Dr. Gold and Dr. Rubino were very attentive and provided excellent care. Their staff is always pleasant and helpful. I am very happy with my new smile that I have always wanted! I strongly recommend their friendly and reliable services.

Karen C.

Dr. Gold and Dr. Rubino have become part of “Team Teeth”. I have a complicated case in which 3 dental professional offices need to coordinate. I had an injury to my front top tooth more than 30 years ago which has caused damage to the root and subsequently bone loss. Losing at least one tooth was inevitable, therefore an implant is required. My bottom teeth were very crowded, making flossing difficult, resulting in some periodontal disease. Before I could get an implant, I needed to have the bone filled-in.

In 2 years the excellent professionals at Montclair Orthodontics have straightened my teeth and facilitated the bone growth necessary for the implant. Now I can floss easily to maintain healthy gums and the rest of the team can take over.

By working so well with my primary dentist and periodontist, the burden of coordinating all the necessary steps was taken off my shoulders. THANK YOU! This has been a daunting process!!! Doctors Rubino and Gold proactively shared via phone and email my progress and coordinated next steps with Dentist and Periodontist to insure the best possible outcome for my oral health.

There is still more to be done, but Dr. Rubino sent me off with 2 retainers. One for the mouth I have today and one for after my teeth have been extracted to keep all the other teeth where they belong. She even painted it to look like teeth! I’ll need a new retainer once the implant process is complete.

Why I love them:

+ They filled me with confidence

+ They are professional

+ They are caring

+ They took excellent care of me

+ They went above and beyond by working with the rest of my dental team.

+ They made it easy for me to continue on with the process by removing the burden of coordinating all the steps.

Amy C.

My experience with Montclair Orthodontics has been absolutely wonderful! The staff is professional as well as compassionate and the office is warm and inviting. As an adult patient, I was quite anxious about getting braces but Dr. Rubino has made my treatment as comfortable and stress free as possible. She is extremely patient as well as thorough; keeping me well-informed every step of the way. The results have been remarkable! Dr. Rubino is also treating my two daughters. They are so at ease with her that they look forward to their appointments. There is no one else that I would trust my girls’ smiles to!

Marisa M.
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