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COVID-19 Update

We hope this message finds you in good health. Everyone here at Montclair Orthodontics has been healthy, and we look forward to resuming care for our patients. We are taking extreme care to provide treatment in our office that decreases risks to our patients and staff. We are implementing the following changes to our patient care protocols: 

Before your appointment…

  • Please download and complete two documents related to your treatment or that of your child’s. 
    1. Supplemental Informed Consent
    2. Supplemental Health Questionnaire
  • Both forms must be completed and returned to us on or before the day of the patient’s appointment. They can also be emailed to: if you cannot bring them in person.
  • Please let us know if you are in a high risk group for COVID-19 and/or if you are exhibiting any fever or respiratory distress.
  • Be sure your teeth are brushed and clean just prior to your visit.

When you arrive…

  • Stay in your car. Call us when you arrive at 973-744-1912. We will let you know or call back when we are ready to begin your treatment.
  • Wear a mask! All staff and visitors in the building will be wearing one.
  • Only the patient receiving treatment will be allowed into the office.  We know there will be times the patient may need the support of a family member and we request that you bring this to our attention prior to the appointment.  At the completion of the appointment, if we are unable to schedule the follow-up appointment, please call from your car or as soon as possible to schedule the next visit.
  • Seating in our reception has been decreased for the time being.
  • Please enter through the office’s front door (on Lorraine Avenue); the rear door near the parking lot will be used for exiting only.  Please inform us when calling the office upon arrival if you need to utilize our accessible entrance.
  • The patient’s temperature will be taken prior to treatment.

During your appointment…

  • Fewer patients and family members will be in the office at the same time due to appointments being staggered to minimize patient-to-patient interaction.
  • We will ask the patient to remove their mask when we are ready to begin treatment.
  • The treatment areas are vigorously disinfected and sanitized between patient visits.
  • We will keep you informed of the patient’s progress via text, call, or video report after each appointment.  Phone calls and emails will always be returned in a timely manner.
  • Please be sure to call and schedule your next visit with us!


Dr. Gold, Dr. Rubino and the Team at Montclair Orthodontics

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